Awesome Nigerian Series to Watch

Nigeria’s film industry and entertainment industry is not what it used to be, back in the day. Back then, the movies and television series churned out of Nigeria was beyond appalling, such that Nigerians turned to American television, which nonetheless influenced pop culture in Nigeria.

The story today is quite different, as the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood), has experienced a great overhauling, resulting in improved quality in not just movies, but also television series.

With directors like Omoni Oboli, Mo ABudu, Kunle Afolayan, and producers like Funke Akindele, Nigerian movies and series have experienced higher quality, production and more entertainment.

This article will talk about three popular Nigerian series that has held Nigerians by the jugular and refused to let go.  One has gone on to produce its 2000th episode, and one is in its 10th season.

Here are three awesome Nigerian series to watch:

First on my list is Tinsel. I started watching Tinsel since I just got into the university and now I am done with university, but still hooked on Tinsel. It started airing in 2008 and since then, has been lauded as the most successful television drama on Nigerian television. Plot revolves around two rival companies, ‘Reel’ founded by Fred Ade-Williams and ‘Odyssey’ founded by Brenda. The series is complete with suspense, drama (loads of it), love, backstabbing, betrayal and all the emotions that make you care about a television series.

My favorite character from Tinsel was the delectable Telema Duke, played by the beautiful Damilola Adegbite. Her love triangle with Soji (played by Gbenro Ajibade) and Kwame (played by Chris Attoh), was the highlight of the series, for me. Another favorite character was the daring Brenda Mensah (played by Funlola Aofieyebi), who was a perpetual enemy of Ade-Williams, CEO of one of the rival companies. Brenda was the illegitimate daughter of Ade-Williams and hated her father for a long time for abandoning her. I looked forward to her appearances, not just because of her stellar diction, but also because of her daringness and attitude, like that of a strong Black woman.

Another must-watch Nigerian series is Jenifa’s Diary, produced by the elegant and comedic actress, Funke Akindele, who is also the star of the series. This series tells the story of an illiterate girl, who wanted to make it in Lagos, despite being a crass, uneducated girl. The series chronicles the life of Jenifa (played by Funke Akindele), and in its tenth episode, Jenifa is no longer a naïve, crass girl from a village in Osun state, but she is still uneducated.

A comedy series that is rib-cracking with every episode, Jenifa’s Diary has become a favorite in many households. With addictive characters like Toyo baby (played by Juliana Olabode), Sege (played by Falz, a popular Nigerian musician), Adaku (played by Lolo1 of Wazobia fm, a popular radio station in Nigeria), Jenifas’s Diary has sustained its tempo of entertainment right from the first season until now. Not only that, they have garnered new fans ranging from different age groups.

The third awesome Nigerian series on my list of must-watch is The Johnsons. It is a series that focuses on a Nigerian family based in Lagos and the challenges they face on a daily basis. It is complete with the tricks and treats of a typical Nigerian middle class family.

One of fans’ favorite characters is Efe, which is played by Chinedu Ikedieze, one of Nigeria’s movie stars. Efe is the eldest child of the family, and thrills viewers with his superfluous vocabulary. Another thrilling character is Mr. Johnson, which is played by Nigeria’s comedy actor, Charles Inojie. Mr. Johnson is the head of this hilarious family and thrills viewers with his penny-pinching ways…talk about a typical Nigerian father.

After watching an episode of any of these series, you would have no choice but to agree with me that Nigeria’s film industry has indeed come a long way, and oh, you will held by the jugular too.